Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano is CEO of The Company of Others.

Jose is also a career entrepreneur. Before joining The Company of Others, he owned an array of businesses including an auto repair dealership (a fact that surprises his coworkers) and the new media company Mo7. At Mo7, Jose and company created digital technologies that connected Major League Baseball and the State of the Union Address to young, digitally active audiences.

In 2010, Mo7 merged with FKM, an agency that ultimately became part of The Company of Others. As CEO of The Company, Jose avidly fosters entrepreneurship (the backbone of new thinking) and radical business and marketing solutions. These solutions have resulted in The Company’s exceptional new business success – recent partnerships include ConAgra, Purina, Windstream and Clockwork Home Services – and, more importantly, business success for our clients. One example: The Company of Others helped Mattress Firm nearly double sales in an astonishingly short time.

Jose has had experience working with a broad range of clients including U.S. Army, Reliant Energy, the National Basketball Association, Pepsico, Chili’s Restaurants, On the Border Restaurants, Dell, ConAgra, Clockwork Home Services and Mattress Firm.

Jose holds a BBA in Marketing and Finance from Baylor University. He passionately volunteers for the Red Cross – helping run the massive Katrina victim’s shelter at the Astrodome changed his life – and he and his family actively participate in community outreach projects. An avid sports fan, you can find Jose any given weekend at a Texans or Rockets game, and, of course, cheering on the Baylor Bears.

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